Outdoor Safety Retractable Belt Barrier GuardMaster 250 – 8.5FT Belt

✅ Sand or water fillable base

✅ Customizable with our full range of belt printing options as well as custom printed safety messages

✅ Compatible with our full line of signage

✅ Easy 2 piece assembly

✅ 2.5″ diameter post body

✅ Compatible with all major brands






At less than 5lbs, GuardMaster’s light weight makes it easy to transport and store. The base can be filled with water or sand to give stability in use. The PVC post is matched with a base made of tough, impact-resistant Polypropylene so there is nothing to rust, making GuardMaster ideal for outdoor use. Available in black, yellow or red, GuardMaster can also be supplied with any of our standard plain, striped or safety message belts.


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