Merchandising Panel Bundle – 2 Panel Kit

✅ 2 Standard Merchandising Panel 36″H x 49″W

✅ 6 QM550 black stanchions with 11′ Black Belt

✅ 6 Collars

✅ 6 Flat Metal Shelves 49.5″W x 9″D

✅ 2 Sign Frame 8.5″W x 11″H

✅ 2 Display Bowl

✅ 100 6″ Hooks

$1,805.00 $2,005.00


Promote impulse sales and keep customers occupied while waiting to check out with the STANCHONS.COM Slat wall Merchandising Single Panel Kit. Customers are more likely to interact with products while in queue than in any other location.  This merchandising panel kit allows you to display a wide variety of items. Customers typically see a 20% lift in impulse sales with this system set up in queue.  The system includes everything you need to set up a revenue generating display! The durable double sided aluminum slat wall panel is housed in a steel frame. The post collar 4-way connectivity allows for easy set up!  Slat wall panels can be attached in a straight line or at right angles.  The system enables retailers to revenue generating merchandising displays in any configuration! The STANCHIONS.com panel accepts most standard slat wall accessories. STANCHIONS.com offers a full selection of slat wall hooks, shelves, baskets and bins.

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